Secret Weapons to Win the War of Arthritis Inflammation and

Secret Weapons to Win the War of Arthritis Inflammation and

Arthritis is the #1 cause of disability in america today, impacting around seven million people. It is now one of the most widespread chronic health problems.

The estimated annual costs of arthritis in order to Americans tend to be $15billion in direct medical costs and $49 billion in indirect costs such as lost wages. Nearly 40 million Americans have arthritis, with 24 million of them being under 65 yrs old. Projected increase of arthritis by 2020 is actually 60 million in theU.S. on your own.

With More Than a Hundred Variations of Arthritis, the Most Common You are Osteoarthritis

It is a degenerative joint disease which is related to aging. The deteriorated cartilage that covered the comes to an end of the bone in the joint cause's loss of movement since the bone rubs against bone. This causes the bones to change shape, the muscles to be able to become weak and the reflexes to slow.

Osteoarthritis Most Commonly Happens in the Weight-Bearing Joints

Severe trauma to a joint can precipitate arthritis, sometimes years after the initial injury. Painkillers are effective for a while, but if the drugs no longer ease the pain some physicians suggest surgery. Americans undergo lower back surgery, and knee and hip replacement surgery mostly because of osteoarthritis.

Another typical osteoarthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis is definitely an autoimmune disease. In autoimmune disease, the body's immune system in fact attacks it's own tissue. The joints and cartilage are normally surrounded by shielding tissue referred to as synovium which produces a fluid that nourishes as well as lubricates the bones and cartilage.

  • Rheumatoid arthritic patient's immune system produces white blood cells that attack the synovium.
  • This is what causes the inflammation, and painful swollen joints.
  • If the inflamed synovium attacks the joint, bone, and cartilage that causes the muscles around the joint to become too weak to support it properly.
  • Therefore chronic inflammation is the culprit that may eventually cause damage to the cartilage and bone.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is One of the Most Serious and Disabling Forms of Arthritis

Severe joint pain, fatigue fever, and inflammation are the first symptoms most people notice. In more serious cases, the autoimmune response involves other areas of the body such as the heart, lungs, kidney or liver. Gout is characterized by monosodium uric crystals in the joints or tissue. It generally occurs in sufferers 30 to 50 years old after many years of eating an over rich diet of purine foods. When the kidneys can not eliminate the above production of uric acid in the body, levels build up causing the needle like crystals to form on the joints.

This Painful Disease Mostly Attacks Small Joints

The frequency of following acute attacks of gout usually increases over time. A diet of fatty protein rich foods, excessive alcohol consumption, and also obesity are usually contributing factors of gout attacks.

Is important that you take an active role in the prevention and treatment of joint damage. There are many things you can do to lower your risk for developing arthritis, as well as natural remedies to help reduce inflammation, and other symptoms.

The Conventional Treatment Includes the Use of Painkillers, and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

While these drugs are often helpful in alleviating the pain, they may accelerate the degeneration of articular surfaces thereby destroying the body's ability to repair cartilage. Several thousand sufferers are admitted in order to hospitals every year for complications associated with anti-inflammatory medications.

Now that you understand that controlling swelling will be the largest step in combating arthritis- here are my secret arthritis weapons:

Foods to avoid- eggplant, garlic, peppers, potatoes, whole wheat, corn, beef, chicken, eggs, dairy, fried foods, glucose goods, refined carbohydrates and foods full of gluten which has a tendency to intensify inflammation.

  • Foods in order to eat- foods high in sulfur like asparagus, cabbage, garlic, and onions which may help repair cartilage and bone.
  • Also include fish, flax (omega-3 fatty acids), and borage oil (omega-6 fatty acids) which can help reduce inflammation.

Multivitamin- such as antioxidants such as vitamin e, C, A,selenium, and zinc because we no longer get optimum amounts from our own daily diet to be able to fight free radical assaults on the joints.

Exercise- beneficial in helping to reduce rigidity, and maintain an ideal weight to help ease the pressure on those weight bearing joints.

Celery seed- this kind of wonderful natural spice contains nearly two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds known for decreasing inflammation.

Glucosamine supplement- the joints stop producing this necessary substance that helps alleviate stiffness.

Chondroitin supplement- the body puts a stop to producing chrondocytes that really help maintain healthy joints.

Incorporate these 7 non-biochemical (natural) weapons into the battlefield, and the war against arthritis will be much more attainable- normally.

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