Myth or Fact - TENS machines help muscle tone and weight loss

Myth or Fact - TENS machines help muscle tone and weight loss

For those that have experienced chronic back pain, gout or joint pain are already familiar with the TENS machine, and those of you that haven't will most definitely want to. Chronic pain management therapy and analgesics in most instances are not effective as well as cause side effects. In these instances, people suffering from severe pain will look for alternative options such as the TENS machine. TENS does ease pain however, evidence to be able to back this theory is inconclusive. In spite of studies being inconclusive and conflicting, the TENS machine has gained popularity with people suffering from pain as well as those wanting to lose weight and tone their muscles.

The TENS machine produces electrical pulses through electrodes in to the body when placed on the skin, and in medical terms this is known as transcutaneous which means from the pores and skin, the Tens machines electrical neural muscle tissue stimulation send out electrical pulses to be able to the body and effects just how the pain signals are relayed to the brain. You may be able to relieve pain, if you are able to intercept the messages from your nervous system to the brain. However, the TENS machine is now being used in a different way, as people have discovered that this device tones muscles and helps reduce weight.

This device needs to be used in conjunction with a balance weight reducing diet and an exercise program to be able to produce successful lasting results. It is simple to use the TENS equipment if you follow the instruction booklet that comes with the device. You can use the machine while going about your daily lifestyle, as the equipment can be tucked into the pocket. Before using the equipment make sure it is off. Clean the skin surface thoroughly before applying the electrode pads. Apply some a small amount of electrode gel to each pad and then place the pads directly onto the skin following the guidelines. When you turn the device on you will experience a slight tingling sensation on the skins surface. The treatment should last for around 45 units, but can be used safely for longer periods for up to 24 hours.


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  • The TENS machine can be set at a low or high pulse rate, although to begin with you should if at all possible use a reduced pulse rate, and later boost the pulse rate. For those that are training weight and using the TENS machine, your body will be stimulated and asked to produce endorphins, which in turn block pain signals. You need to pay attention to caution when lifting weights as you could strain or tear your muscles without feeling the pain because of too much use of the TENS machine.

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